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The Foundation is a collaboration between the University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU), the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), and the Hubrecht Organoid Biobank (previously Hubrecht Organoid Technology).

Our mission is to enable global organoid adoption by providing access to our curated biobank.

Patient-derived organoids are already having a major impact on drug development and on treatment choices to improve patient outcome. Organoids are now becoming the go-to model for applications ranging from drug discovery and development, personalized medicine, or regenerative medicine.


Over the years, we have collected and maintained a living biobank including hundreds of organoid models from different species, organs, and multiple diseases including.


Cystic fibrosis

bowel disease


Normal tissue-derived organoids

Our organoid models undergo strict quality control measures to ensure that they adhere to the highest quality standards. Our biobank is continuously expanding with new models, and associated characterization data including DNA- and RNA-sequencing.

Our organoids are offered to our academic partners for their research and to licensed commercial entities for in-house applications.

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The technology behind adult stem cell-derived organoids

The technology used to develop organoids stored in the Hubrecht Organoid Biobank is based on the discovery of Lgr5+ stem cells in the adult intestine by the Hans Clever’s lab, which subsequently led to the development of the fist “mini-gut in a dish”.

The patient-derived organoids in our biobank are stable in long-term culture and can be expanded and subsequently cryopreserved for multiple applications.

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Derived from adult stem cells

Stable in long term cultures

Good establishment rates

Preserve patient genomic feature

Maintain key physiological function of matching in vivo organ

Adapt to cryopreservation

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